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Myesthenia Gravis/ Megaesophagus

Megaesophagus and Myesthenia Gravis

One capsule per 10-20lbs of body weight twice daily depending on the severity.

ginseng, astragalus, poria, pueraria, white peony, ophiopogon, male clove, aquilaria, white atractylodes, cyperus seed, amomum fruit, malt, myristicae, cardamom, lindera, pinellia (processed with bile),

By physical examination.

There is no contraindication known in conjunction with conventional drugs.

Prescribing Information:
Toxicity & reactions are extremely rare. In some extreme cases, herbal supplements may cause vomiting & diarrhea in the first 24-48 hours. Symptoms stop as soon as the herbal supplements discontinued.

There are no know interactions at this time.

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