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For forelimbs conditions only, such as arthritis, soft tissue traumas, OCD, elbow dysplasia.

One capsules per 10-20lbs body weight twice daily.

cinnamon twigs, licorice, clematis, mastic, myrrh, white peony, codonopsis, mulberry twig, notopterygium rhizome, jujube fruit, fresh ginger, aconite root , buck grass, papaya fruit, centipede, angelica, pueraria

By physical evaluation.

There is no known contraindication with conventional drug, such as NSAID, steroid, antibiotics…

Prescribing Information:
Toxicity & reactions are extremely rare. In some extreme cases, herbal supplements may cause vomiting & diarrhea in the first 24-48 hours. Symptoms stop as soon as the herbal supplements discontinued. Other herbal supplements, such as CervicoRelief, BackRelief, HipGuard, can be used in conjunction with this herbal supplement if it’s needed.

There are no know interactions with conventional therapies known at this time.

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