For supplementation of animals suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

1 capsule per 10-20 pounds twice a day depending on the severity.

Codonopsis, cimicifuga rhizome, bupleurum, tangerine, amomum fruit, licorice, astragalus, white atractylodes rhizome, pueraria, angelica root, rhubarb, peach kernel, orange fruit, Corydalis tuber, coptis, bamboo shavings, radix lindera, citrus viride, pulsatilla root, balloon flower root, lotus seed.

By physical examination and radiographs.

Do not use in animals who are sensitive to any of the ingredients. There is no contraindication known in conjunction with conventional drugs.

Prescribing Information:
ColonGuard may be combined with steroids and antibiotics if desired. It can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Initial corticosteroid may be needed. Toxicity & reactions are extremely rare. In some extreme cases, herbal supplements may cause vomiting & diarrhea in the first 24-48 hours. Symptoms stop as soon as the herbal supplements discontinued.


There are no known interactions at this time.