Myelitis/ EPM/ Disc Disease

Equine EPM, Myelitis, lumbar/ sacral disc disease, Lyme disease, and trauma on lower back.

One full tablespoon twice daily for equine patients.

Astragalus, atractylodes/white, sweet wormwood, rehmannia/cooked, buck grass, dipsacus, tsaoko fruit, areca seed, cornus, angelica radix, phellodendron, acanthopanax root bark, cinnamon twigs, coix, achyranthes, papaya fruit, stephania

By physical examination and laboratory testing.

There is no contraindication known in conjunction with conventional drugs.

Prescribing Information:
It will take 3-6 month for EPM patient to fully recover. Toxicity & reactions are extremely rare. In some extreme cases, herbal supplements may cause diarrhea in the first 24-48 hours. Symptoms stop as soon as the herbal supplements discontinued.


There are no known interactions at this time.